Customized Industry Solutions

For industry partners Dexwet offers professional services for joint R&D and application development according the specifications and requirements of the customer. After assessment of the given parameters Dexwet develops perfectly suiting pre-series prototypes via rapid prototyping. They are delivered to the partner for his final testing procedures and following that, the partner can be provided with any volume of the customized products over contract term with full supply guarantee.

Filter problems are our mission…

Problems with filters show up rather late in R&D and product development processes and it is then often too late to change the whole system for the reason of increased filtration requirements.
Developers and Engineers take parameters out of norms and filter datasheets and rely on them. In real operation often they have to wake up with some surprise that results do not show up as expected.
Low filter effectiveness led to the most of the given applications of Dexwet technology up to day.

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…only when it is normally too late, Dexwet comes into play…

Dexwet owns a framework of different filter configurations and design models that can be optimized for specific tasks, airstream velocities as well as working temperature ranges.
After analysis of the requirements and the given conditions, Dexwet technology is applied to develop a customized filter solution, optimum for the Partner. We can combine Dexwet layers with the given filter package or can widely substitute them completely with Dexwet Permanent Filters.

…we jointly follow a structured approach…

The flexible modular lamellae filter system can be configured with multiple layers combined. With the different overlapping ratios the system can be adapted so specific filtration jobs from raw dust down to nano-dust. Still the filters show unrivalled high air permeability and low resistance to the airstream. The size of the filters can be defined by the customer. After successful test phase on the customer’s site, Dexwet will deliver the ordered volumes for production. Dexwet filters are always multi-use filters, the get washed hot and after drying you bring back on the Absorber Fluid, using the comfortable Spraying can.

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…and you receive your customized Dexwet filter solution!

Compared to conventional dry filter media, the filter exchange term of Dexwet filters is minimum factor 2 longer, in some applications up to the factor 12 longer. This means less necessary filter exchanges and less work and costs with the filter solution in operation.
In electronic devices, truly working solutions for preventive cleaning and filtration with long exchange term lead to quality and improved customer satisfaction with our partners products.