Dexwet Active Pro Air Purifiers

The Problem with indoor fine dust

Fine dust in the breathing air constitutes an additional burden for the respiratory system and causes a variety of problems. Sources of Fine dust are from outside, so traffic, domestic heating and industrial emitters or from inside sources like paper or laser printers. Not seldom, processes cause harm for the organism up to the so called sick-building-syndrom


German Quality with Dexwet inside

With certified H13-fine dust class filters up to 99,95% of all particles bigger then 0.3 um. An additional active-carbon filtration level can be applied to filter out up to 90% of VOCs and NOx or formaldehyde contained in the inroom air. We provide you with the first-time implemented Dexwet pre-filters that multiply the usable lifecycle of the conventional layers to the leading edge. Buying cheap means buying twice, in case of the Air Purifier market it means to be hooked and have to buy forever.

Go for Dexwet Active Pro Air Purifiers

Our products over meet the expectations of our high-end customers as they are so extremely silent and energy efficient. They can accompany you in your home and they are preferably rolled into the sleeping room or kids room. Better buy one for everybody to avoid quarreling, who gets it tonight.

The unique Dexwet pre-filtration level, first time available in the air purifier market, can be easily self-maintained once or twice a year, just wash it and spray back on the Absorber Fluid for micro-money and prolong the necessary exchange cycles of the conventional layers by factors up to 5. (see special instructions)

6-2 CL.AIR [Max. Breite 2400 Max. Höhe 1800]
hausstauballergie bei kindern

Everybody deserves higher living quality

When high air quality is given at home or at work, this creates wellbeing and higher performance through improved health. Bad odors can be neutralized and a feeling of clean hygienics in your home environment becomes your new Living standard. Our allergic customers adore and recommend Dexwet Active Pro Air Purifiers and are even more happy with the latest Dexwet upgrade.