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Dexwet offers unique and technology-based filter solutions for safeguarding high air quality for the domestic use at home. To permanently breath healthy pure air at home contributes to higher living quality and wellbeing and also enhances the human immune system. Reduce smartly all forms of air contaminations from visible raw dust down to hazardous ultra-fine dust and also organic particles in the air like VOCs, bacteria, virus, spores and other germs.

The use of passive airstreams is unique and truely smart in preventive terms. Throughout the year, additional  air purifier devices are used to actively safeguard the desired air quality indoors. For one of the most important sources of indoor finedust, laser printers, Dexwet still offers the most recommended solution since long term. Enter the world of Dexwet, we provide you with true and sustainable filter solutions.

3-1 CL.AIR [Max. Breite 2400 Max. Höhe 1800]

People in developed countries usually spend 80-90% of their total lifetime in rooms, be it at home or at work. What proved truly effective at home also creates add-value in your business both for the employer as well as for the employees. The holistic management of and investment into the factor “air-quality” pays back multiple for our business customers with higher employee satisfaction ratios and less ill days off.
In this business area we further on offer a comprehensive solution suite for the electronics industry and also first solutions for the Automotive industry. Nobody can predict all future applications of Dexwet technology as per today. With every successful application, our universe enlarges.
Take for granted: Everybody, and also your company can profit from implementing Dexwet technology, enter our world and share our success.


Already today, the patented Dexwet filter technology covers a wide spectrum that is possible physically. From applications in low temperature of -40°C we can go up to+450°C in the high temperature range, all in between just a matter of calibration. The particle speed and airstream velocity can vary from convection air (few meters per hour) up to close to sonar speed of above 1.200 km/h. In our demo-application for NASCAR-racecars Dexwet High Performance Filters work at 300 up to 500 km/h particle speeds.
In our third business area we offer custimized filter Solutions and we can facilitate full technology transfer to long-term licensing partners to enter new fields of application in physical terms. In this segment, we jointly develop further our Dexwet technology into new industries and fields of application with given option for joint patenting.


30. November 2018

Dexwet Air Purifier System available at Bauhaus

27. September 2018

Filter Manufacturer Dexwet to acquire Air Purifier Producer Aludo

German specialist for high-end air cleaning devices expanding Dexwet product portfolio Marburg / Vienna (pta010/27.09.2018/10:00) – Dexwet Holdings Corporation, parent company […]
23. July 2018

Filter Manufacturer Dexwet pushing for NASDAQ

Dexwet Holdings Corporation new umbrella company and market entry in China Vienna / New York (pta028/23.07.2018/18:30) – Austro-American filter manufacturer Dexwet […]