About Dexwet

Mission Statement

Dexwet is a sustainable US-American filter technology company, specialized in the development  and commercialization of the patented dexwet wet-filter technology. dexwet filters are durable, high quality and can be easily recycled and reused multiple times.
Originally developed to effectively mitigate fine dust emitted by heat-sensitive equipement, dexwet today offers a broad range of customized solutions for particle sizes from raw to ultrafine dust.
The extreme air permeability of dexwet filters, combined with long lasting, high filter effectivness, translates into energy savings and improved performance in operation.
For End Customers and especially for allergy sufferers, asthmatics and people with respiratory diseases, dexwet offers an smart range of products that provide and secure clean breathing air at home or at work.
In the Business segment, dexwet offers comprehensive systems for clean, healthy air at work and for the office. We are the first mover to provide “clean air as a service” with an innovative, holistic approach.
For the electronics and automotive industry, we offer a unique framework of effective, benchmark setting solutions.
With Innovation partners we bring our technology into new fields of applications and with Technology partners, dexwet is developing new industry-specific applications and is setting new filter standards that can make whole production chains more environmentally friendly, while at the same time reducing costs significantly.”
dexwet stands for sustainability and disruptive industry potential. We outcompete others in economic, ecologic and social aspects all together and doing so, we are on our way to become a new rising star in the global filter industry.

History & Milestones

  • 2000first US patent application

  • 2002US patent granted, PCT initiated globally, formation of Dexwet USA LLC

  • 2005formation of Dexwet Technology Vertriebs-GmbH, start of marketing & sales of Dexwet fine dust filters for Laserprinters

  • 20062nd patent generation published

  • 2009joint patents for combi-filter device with Novomatic AG

  • 2011formation of Dexwet International AG

  • 2012full takeover, merger & asset takeover of all Dexwet IP-assets into Dexwet International AG, start of development of synthetic filter generation with Rettig ICC

  • 2014patenting & successful certification of dexwet pure air filtersystem for heat radiators by Rettig, investment in automized filter assembly production line; Entering NASCAR as sponsor

  • 2015Development and Certification of NASCAR high performance Airfilter; development of first Aluminum Particle Filter

  • 2016All European NASCAR racecars use Dexwet High Performance airfilters, R&D and patenting for Aluminum Die Casting industry accomplished, market introduction of Systems APF2 and Super-APF

  • 2017Death of Dexwet inventor & founder Erich Peteln, corporate restructuring for global technology and market roll-out

  • 2018Dexwet Holdings Corporation as new international umbrella Company, leading the way for a US-Listing planned in 2019

Corporate Management

Dexwet International AG, Dexwet Technology Ltd. and Dexwet Brand Management Ltd. are 100% subsidiaries of the new US-umbrella Company Dexwet Holdings Corporation that is leading the way to the US capital market.
The US Board of Directors as well as the management of the subsidiaries consist of renowned technology and management experts with long term eyperience.



Lothar Schneider

President Dexwet Holdings Corporation

His career as entrepreneur started in the construction business with an early focus on energy-efficient construction methods. After his Master in Engineering, he started to develop efficient air ventilation and energy systems for domestic construction and use. As a pioneer in this segment he specialized in air ventilation devices and there came into early contact with given filter technologies. In 2007 he became executive director in a stock-company that developed a new and patented decentral air ventilation system and he helped develop that to market readiness and success. In parallel he built up the first webshop for filter technologies, up to today most successful one in the German speaking area. Since 2015 he founded the innovative start-up aludo GmbH that was recently taken by Dexwet.


Alexander Wiesmüller

Chief Executive Officer Dexwet International AG
Member of the Board of Directors Dexwet Holdings Corporation

Internet entrepreneur and IT consultant. Wiesmüller began his career as a system engineer at Grafotron where he developed first WYSIWIG terminals for phototypesetting, and he then worked as an IT system integrator and CTO at IBM partner Metro B.O.T. In 1994 he founded the legendary Austrian internet service provider VIANET that he led as CEO until  successful sale and exit in 1999. Since 2000 he founded and has been CEO of Globalcore Strategy & Management Consulting AG, a consulting firm which deals with the planning, selection, optimization and ongoing management of IT and Security Solutions (Data Center). In this environment he also led several ventures like Euro Secure and Advanced Computer Solutions until 2009. As Chief Operating Officer Wiesmüller is responsible for the organization, back office, infrastructure and all operations of Dexwet.


JK Bild

Jürgen Kettinger

Sales Manager Europe
Chief Sales Officer Dexwet Holdings Corporation (designated)

The proven sales expert with more than 22 years of sales experience started his career as sales manager for office equipment. Being one of Austria’s high performers in this segment, he got early contact to Dexwet. When Dexwet Technology Vertriebs-GmbH was founded, he became its sales manager and he can take the credits for the strong revenue growth of the first few years. Only with the niche product – finedust filter for laser printers – he laid the foundation that Dexwet became the company of the Year 2008, certified as best new environmental technology by the government of Austria. Then the ways split up and he proceeded to become a strategic advisor at Europe’s biggest filter company – Freundenberg Group. In 2010 he founded a company and entered international wholesale trade with office material until Dexwet could lately convince him to come back. Mr. Kettinger is taking over responsibilities for revenues in Europe and as Chief Sales Officer of Dexwet Holdings Corporation he will bring in all his lifetime experience to build up a global and highly effective salesforce for the group.


Rich Shaw, CPA

Chief Financial Officer
Dexwet Holdings Corporation

Mr. Shaw has served as the President of LogiCore Strategies, LLC, a financial and business advisory services firm, since June 2014 primarily focused on providing fractional CFO services to multi-national companies. Since May 2017, Mr. Shaw has served as the Chief Financial Officer of Jerash Holdings (US), Inc. (Nasdaq: JRSH) a Jordan based garment manufacturer and export company. In addition, since March 2016, Mr. Shaw has served as the Chief Financial Officer of BirchBioMed, Inc., a clinical-stage biomedical company focused on the commercialization, clinical evaluation and development of anti-scarring drugs, autoimmune therapeutics/therapies and novel strategies for transplantation. Prior to these roles Mr. Shaw served as Chief Operating Officer for Roberts Office Furniture Concepts, a designer, manufacturer and remanufacturer of sustainable office furniture and workplace systems, from September 2013 to June 2016. From June 2012 to August 2013, he served as Chief Financial Officer of High Peaks Hospitality, LLC, an independent hotel ownership, development construction and management company. Prior to that experience, from May 2008 to June 2012, Mr. Shaw was the Chief Financial Officer of Harden Furniture, Inc., a manufacturer of solid wood furniture and upholstery. Mr. Shaw began his career with PricewaterhouseCoopers.  Mr. Shaw earned a BS in Accounting from LeMoyne College and is a Certified Public Accountant, licensed by the State of New York.



Hansjörg Wagner

Chairman of the Board
Technology & Business Development Expert

Over 29 years of experience in Senior Executive and Senior Consulting positions in the High-Tech Industry: Networking, Security, Payment Systems and Internet/Cloud specifically. Has been working in West European, Central European (former East European), all major Asian and Latin American markets, conducting business and/or business development in more than 35 different countries. Lived and worked in 3 Continents and a Permanent Resident of Singapore since 1995.


Wolfgang Schiketanz, Phd

Vice-Chairman of the Board
Audit &
Compensation Commitee
Dexwet Holdings Corporation
Chairman Supervisory Board
Dexwet International AG

Capital Advisor and Financial market expert and asset manager. Wolfgang Schiketanz has many years of experience in portfolio and fund management and in advising private and institutional investors. From 1982 until 1990 he was responsible for the development and evaluation of leverage buyouts and M&A transactions at the GiroCredit Bank in Vienna and New York, from 1990 on he was Head of new issues at Erste Bank and since 1991 head of equity trading at Investkredit. Since 1993 Schiketanz is managing partner of Schiketanz Capital Advisors GmbH. He is an expert in risk management, trading and asset management and lecturer in quantitative asset management at the University of Applied Sciences of BFI. He entered the Board of Dexwet in the Year 2015 and contributed significantly to the capital market strategy of the Company.


Kosala Heengama

Member of the Board
Dexwet Holdings Corporation

Kosala Heengama brings in more than a decade of specialized ICT as well as informaticist, management experience in leading and expanding large global IT service organizations. He has also been instrumental in the implementation of low-cost simplified enterprise systems and technologies which work seamlessly for efficient information distribution in multilayer platforms.  Dr. Heengama, who works on improved efficiencies and processes in many industries, ventured into financial services and strategic investments and is a Member of Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (MIEEE) and IEEE Computer Society for more than a decade. Heengama served as a Director of several public listed companies and now focus more on being a Researcher, Entrepreneur and Investor. He is representing the international Promotion, Marketing and Trade of Dexwet shares and will design roadshow together with Dexwet and the Investment Bank around the globe in the time until and after the IPO.


Robert Socha

Expert on securities,
stocks & bonds

Stock broker. Robert Socha qualified as measurement and control technician and for many years held managerial positions as measurement  and master electrician at major companies such as EUMIG (1975-1983), Siebdruck Hauser and Österreichische HIAG Werke AG (1983-1996). In the early 1990s,  he became stock exchange and securities trader, initially working as consultant and trader, then going on to become managing director of specialized investment firms such as Brown & Lampe (2001-2003) and Winvestors (2003-2013). He was later independent consultant for Winvestors. Robert Socha was a long-standing member of  Contain-Dry AG and  Pristec AG´s supervisory boards and has been consultant and member of the supervisory board at dexwet international AG since 2011.


Clemens Sparowitz

Mag. (FH), MBA
Member of the Board of Directors Dexwet Holdings Corporation

Entrepreneur, management book author and developer of innovative ideas and solutions since the beginning of his career. Following his studies in law and business adminstration in Graz and Vienna (1994-1998), Clemens  Sparowitz graduated  in Vienna with an Executive-MBA in „Integrated Strategy Management“(2000-2005) at FHW. He started out professionally in 1996 as team leader and manager at a fundraising agency and subsequently worked as project and sales manager at a Management&IT consultant firm, then became head of marketing at a software development firm.  From 2003 through 2006, he was responsible as Manager for facility and organizational development in the rector´s office of the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna. In 2006, Clemens Sparowitz then founded Pristec AG together with partners, a company focused on sustainable technologies, as he defined them in his book. Pristec invested early into Dexwet in the year 2006 for the first time. He was Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of Pristec AG until 2012. In 2011, Clemens Sparowitz helped found Dexwet International AG and acted as Executive Director since its formation. He is leading the Company as CEO since 2014, developing and promoting a unique and sustainable technology company for the global filter industry of tomorrow.