Fine dust filters

for laser printers and office equipment

Printer toners and fine dust

The smaller the dust particles, the more hazardous they can get. Ultra-fine dust can overcome the lung vacuoles and enter the blood circuit of people. This can lead to allergies, respiratory and heart diseases, and can, in worst cases, also contribute to the formation of cancer.

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Dexwet toner fine dust filters

This pioneer Dexwet technology application – the point where the whole Dexwet story once started off – is still the solution of choice from those who really realized and suffered from this problem. Even when much cheaper me-too products came on the market nearly a decade ago, our end-customers stayed bond to us, doing small volume direct Sales ever since then. Who buys a Dexwet filter once, can choose any other option afterwards and will come back to us convinced. True and better technology pays off for everybody, so we are lucky, we only have to convince you once!

Better use your laserprinter safe…

For engineering reasons, laser printers and other office equipment has to contain a cooling system in order to burn the ultra-fine granulated toner powder into the paper with high temperature laser technology. The necessary cooling air-stream takes with him portions of the toner and emits that to the ambient air.
Only through the open design of Dexwet filters it became possible to plug such on, effective on more that 80% of all such devices. No overheating of the device possible here…

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Good health cannot be priced

As soon as the true cause of existing problems has been effectively realized, the customer wants reliable solutions offering the benefit of true protection.
Since the first patent application in the year 2000, Dexwet brought this issue up in the first place and could later prevail against much bigger companies that tried work-arounds or brought me-too products into this new market that Dexwet developed in the first place. Go for the best solution! Try all and we look forward, we are going to meet you in our webshop.