Managed Air Service

Low air quality in the office

Low air quality in the office or at the workplace result in reduced performance, less concentration and mistakes and even can lead to accidents. Low air quality can cause severe damage to the health of your employees. In Europe up to 80% of the population lives in or near cities and they spend up to 90% of their total lifetime indoors.


Managed Air Service

Dexwet MAS – Managed Air Service – is an innovative and sustainable B2B concept for the holistic improvement of the air quality in offices and workshops. We analyse the given status-quo and air quality (dust, finedust, VOCs, odors, NOx contents) diligently that is given in the facilities. Then we develop a databased and individually optimized solution for safeguarding highest quality standards as efined together withthe Partner. Healthy and clean air at work pays off quick for the employer, through improved productivity and motivation of the staff going along with improved average health and reduced ill-days off.

Your way to clean air in your business

In the first stage we analyse the given contaminations from environment and the given air ventilation, heating and cooling systems. Then we search for indoor sources of VOC’s and other fine and ultrafine dust. With these given data we draft a customized concept, containing comprehensive systems to mitigate the given air pollution mechanisms for the individual case.


Transparent and predictable costs

Our specially trained technicians analyze the given situation and the results are evaluated and documented in the facility plans. With integration of internal sources like printers, copy machines, kitchen room and toilets, etc., a holistic concept is elaborated with specific measures that have to be taken to improve the air quality as desired.

The systems will then be provided for an “all-in” monthly fee over agreed term, covering all the necessary investment as well as the subsequent ongoing service and maintenance works and material costs.
We help you to secure and safeguard healthy air for your business.