High-performance vacuum filters
for the Automtive industry 

In modern aluminum die casting and in the production of structural components for the automotive industry, vacuum systems are used to meet the ever-increasing demands on workpiece quality. In order to protect the vacuum system, metal-wool-pads are commonly used throughout the industry, contributing to the destabilization of the entire production process.

Dexwet Super-APF was developed to stabilize and secure the functionality of the vacuum system and allows the continuous operation of the casting cell over a full shift week from the point of view of the vacuum system. The worthwhile one-time investment in Dexwet-APF pays off after only a few months due to higher output numbers and higher product quality with improved scrap ratio.

Old-school & low-tech metal wool pads destabilize die casting process

Modern cars must be as light-weight as possible and this is why vacuum systems are increasingly applied in the Aluminium die casting industry, in order to produce high-quality light-weight car parts. For Filtration, common metal-wool-pads have been commonly used throughout the branche. They have to be exchanged in very short terms and cause inefficiencies in the production process of modern structural parts for the automotive industry.


True Filter Solutions pay off in short term

The patented Dexwet-APF vacuum-filter technology was developed in industrial practice and has since then been applied by leading companies in this industry. With Dexwet Super-APF you can save up to 20 filter exchanges per shift week that go along with necessary standstills of the units. Dexwet Super-APF Technology improves the economics of the Aluminum Die Casting process as a whole. This can be done by long and stable filter effectiveness that facilitates permanant production for the die casting unit.

Dexwet Super-APF vacuum filters

The inner layout of APF filters, with parallel and staggered filter-plates covered in the filter cartridge with two blockage layers for raw particles that hinder thoses from entering. When the filters get clogged with filter cake, any modern vacuum-system can easily identify that by parameters and give alarm for a preventive filter exchange. At the die casting unit, exchange filters are provided for rapid exchange during operation. After use, the filters get cleaned at a central service station and they are ready as new of a next round-of-duty in operation.

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Invest in Dexwet-APF, ROI can be reached in 2-4 months

The economic improvement of the Aluminium Die Casting process comes from quantitative effects like increased output numbers at simultaneous reduced scrap ratio. On the other hand, quality improvements can be perceived due to the elimination of the process destabilizing metal-wool-pad filters for vacuum purposes. This is why technology leader Pfeiffer Vacuum is recommending Dexwet-APF. If implemented consequently, an Return-on-Investment of 2 to 4 months can be achieved with Dexwet Super-APF technology.