Investor Relations

As a Stock Company – heading for a Stock Market Listing – it is one of the major objectives of Dexwet Holdings Corporation, to keep all interested parties well informed about the progress of the Company and to provide updates about all relevant major events along the way. We communicate to and for our international Shareholders as well as to the Public, Analysts, Press and Financial Media, and also to potential Cooperation Partners. In the core, we do our best, to educate our beloved and extraordinaryly loyal Customers and also clearly we try to win new ones.

Strategic objective of our Corporate and Investor Relations Communication is to build up a strong dexwet brand, raise public awareness for dexwet and its unique solutions and products. Please contact us, if you need any additional information.

Since 2014, we provide our Shareholders with a special Login to enter our exclusive Shareholder-Lounge. There you find all relevant shareholder information and the downloads we provide. When you do your first Login, you have to register again with all relevant personal shareholder data that we are mandated to hold from our Shareholders. Welcome to the new World of Dexwet!

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