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Dexwet offers unique and technology-based filter solutions to transform your radiators into an automatic indoor air cleaning system. The filter is simply magnetically attached to the underside of the radiators and thereby the entire room air passes through the filter up to 20 times a day. The system works silently by permanently filtering the convection air flow generated by the radiators and does not require any other energy.

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The unique use of passive air currents for preventive room air cleaning is complemented by active, very quiet, highly efficient and effective devices that ensure the desired air quality all year round. Our fine dust filters for laser printers are still the solution of choice. Enter the Dexwet world of sustainable filter solutions.

Passive Room Air Cleaner

Dexwet filter technology that convinces

Dexwet offers unique, technology-based filtration solutions to ensure the highest air quality within your own four walls. Clean air at home creates quality of life, general well-being and strengthens the immune system. Effectively reduce dust exposure with Dexwet, from visible coarse to fine dust as well as harmful particles such as bacteria, viruses and other germs in the air.

In this business segment we also offer a comprehensive range of solutions for electronic devices and initial solutions for the automotive industry. Nobody already knows the limits of the world of Dexwet, with every new application of this patented technology our universe expands. One thing is certain: Your company can also increase its profits with Dexwet technology, convince yourself!

Energy & Cost-Efficient


The patented Dexwet filter technology already covers a wide spectrum today. Applications in the low temperature range down to -40°C are possible as well as in the high temperature range up to +450°C. The particle velocities can range from very slow (convection air for radiators) up to the sound barrier, i.e. more than 1,200km/h. In our NASCAR-Racing application, Dexwet filters operate at particle velocities between 300 and 500 km/h.

In this business area Dexwet offers customized solutions and enables long-term partners to fully transfer technology under license to further develop Dexwet technology into new industries and applications.

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