Sustainability defines Strategy


New sustainable technologies lower costs efficiently…

Our world civilization stands in the beginning of a second industrial revolution that will lead to a complete reconfiguration of our economic system to closed material and energy circuits. Innovative companies like dexwet that have seen this necessary evolution early on, will be the new winners of this unavoidable development that has become the vital question for mankind.
A new and more sustainable economy is going along with long-life, high-quality products that can be easily repaired and reused several times and it puts emphasis and looks for limited use of natural resources and energy efficiency.
For our Shareholders, sustainability does not only mean the creation of substantial longterm success, they also like the feeling that they invest into a sustainable future that is good for everybody, while gaining above-average profits at the same time.


Dexwet multi-use filters substitute old waste producing filters

The common dry filter media utilize different fabrics that have to be formed out the more dense the smaller the particles are, they intend to filter. For fine dust and hazardous ultrafine dust these filter media have to be so dense, that high energy input is needed to transport sufficient volumes of air through the filters. And after effective usable lifecycle, such dry filters then have to be dumped, producing additional waste. Through conventional dry filters, customers get forced to buy exchange filters for the application in regular terms, our competitors base most of their business models on this fact.
dexwet is different, outcompetes all dry filter media in terms of ecologic aspects and with that, dexwet is a unique rising star in the new global filter industry. After every usable lifecycle of the filter in application, you take out a dexwet filter, wash it with hot water. This will dissolve all the absorber fluid from the filter together with the filter cake. Then you re-apply Dexwet Absorber Fluid using the comfortable spraying can and the filter gets back in operation as good as new.
Due to the open design of dexwet filters, the necessary energy input to provide the desired volumes of air is significantly reduced, compared to dry filter media. What is good for the environment is also good for the budget!

Social Responsibilty

Dexwet demonstrates how to profit more based on social competitive advantages

Sustainable technologies create new and additional jobs and activities for mankind that are considered positive and senseful and are therefore done with joy. Due to the fact that automation will further progress until the end of this century and during the same period, the world population is going to continue to grow further, this objective has become one of the highest priorities to sustain long-term social peace and seems without reasonable alternative.
On the other side, sustainable technologies can also help to avoid senseless work, such that has to be repeated permanently. Doing so, they freeze free the precious time of people for more senseful or value-creating activities.
Our customers love to wash dexwet filters themselves, it is easy and really better and much cheaper than to buy new ones in regular terms. dexwet filters are always bought voluntarily, just because they are so good.
In a knowledge-based company like dexwet, social sustainability also internally means the right mix of women and men and the integration of employees of all ages from young, to mid-life, up to grey-backs.